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This new page will cover material that I've been collecting about the role of a broadcast radio and presenting the Second World War too the masses . The Second World War was the first war covered by radio. (Just as Vietnam was the first war covered by television, for my generation .)

The history of radio broadcasting and its role as a presentor of news, in near real time, can be laid at the feet of the BBC and the CBC . The difference of on the spot reporting with the actual background noises of the events being reported was something new. In many cases, even early in the war, the reports were aired within days or even hours of the event. In our world of live coverage of events of the world and even live coverage of the combat in the middle east, it is difficult to remember that the CBC and BBC had reporters and technicians in the field dragging along " portable" recording equipment that cut record. This entire process is discribed in the CANADA AT WAR article below.

Click on the pages below and you will be taken to a (hopefully readable) larger version of the page. Please excuse the quality of some of the pages but this little magazine was printed on newspaper with blue ink both of which have faded over the last 60 years.

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The magazine below I have excerpted pages to show that this radio coverage was not only from the War Front to the Home Front but just as importantly it was Home Front to the Troops in the field.

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