CMP Videos

The video on this page cover a number of aspects of working on and enjoying CMPs. Most of them were taken with digital camera so in general they are short.


Testing and run in of 261 cubic inch engine to be installed in Beauty my 1942 C60S

Video Hi Resolution 261 Engine First Run and Break In 3-29 to 4-2-08 HI RES

2008 BB3 Thanks Joyce and Bob for hosting this event BB3 for Broad Band.wmv
Time lapse of pulling engine out of C60S in 2009 Beauty Engine Pull HIRes.wmv
Time lapse of reinstalling engine unfortunately the camera malfunctions so it missed the first hour and half so the actual lifting and positioning of the engine is not shown, video set to music Beauty Engine Install 2009 HI Res With Music
This spot welding video is posted for a short while to help diagnose a problem with another spot welder several hundred miles away.

The spot welder shown is mine that I have had for ten or more years and it has been a very useful and versatile tool. Here is the link to the company that I purchased it from .

The pictures at below are my unit with all the special tips I've bought over the years, I keep it sealed military instrument case to protect if from dirt and moisture when it is stored away.

Purpose of the video is to provide a audio and visual comparison. Are you ready Bob? SPOT WELDER DEMO

Road Run Picture of HUP (Beast) 2008 in the rain

High Resolution version file size 31 MB


Road Run Picture of C60S (Beauty) 2008 Sorry the audio is a not as good lot of wind noise

High Resolution version file size 36 MB

CMP Videos on Youtube

Weare Rally 2009 - Wet trail ride - See BEAST 3:08 in then watch for Jeeps in the same water hole.