CMPs in Service in British Columbia

These are photos evidently take by a Canadian soldier during the Second World War they show a convoy operating on the snowy roads of British Columbia. They were purchased on E-Bay recently, I end up paying more than I would normally pay for photos but the nature of the pictures and desire to seen them not get lost in a private collection. (see note below about copy right) They provide a rare glimpse of military vehicle operations in Canada during the war. From the size and grain quality of the pictures which are 2.5"x3.5" it appears that they were likely taken with a Kodak Brownie or similar camera on 620 film that was then direct printed. The pictures as shown were are 100 dpi resolution they were scanned at 600 dpi with the text found on the back of the photos. As the pictures reveal more resolution than this I'll be working with the files to clean them up and maximizing the detail.

If you can provide any information about these photos or where exactly they were taken, please contact me with the additional information. If you live or have photos of these same locations today please share your photos. email me!


copy of picture #13 600 dpi file 2.22MB so may be slow loading

Paul Singleton says this looks like the Alexandra bridge and sends this link

Please consider that these photos as presented are copy righted, you are wellcome to save for your personel enjoyment, if you wish to publish them please contact me email me!

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