As the Australian communications truck in the back ground demonstrates a trailer mounted generator unit is a logical addition to my C60. So when a WWII generator presented its self for $50 last summer I added it to my collection. The generator is an M-5

While this generator was originally intended as power source for 40mm antiaircraft battery to power the gun directory and the power drives on the guns, as the need for antiaircraft fire decreased the units were "assigned" as generator for other uses. What is of interest is that these early units were setup to run at either 50 or 60 cycles.

The trailer is a later design and manufacture but has the advantage of being very light. In this picture the Generator has just been towed home and not bolted down to the trailer yet.

Ben Hur trailer as pictured with the Austrian Unit are expensive and difficult to find in good condition.

The trailer pulls very nicely behind the C60 with a total weight of just over 1200 lbs. The only problem being because of its size it is totally invisible behind the truck. Without putting whisker on the trailer to stick out into the view of mirrors it is impossible to back the trailer up without help.

More photos to follow

After much searching I found a manual for this unit which among other bits of information explains the purpose of the dual cycle 50 or 60 was so that it could be used with either US or Common Wealth Antiaircraft Batteries

Here are links to the manual that I have posted in two forms

Microsoft Word Doc M5 Manual as Word Document 7.39MB

Microsoft XML M5 Manual as XML File 5.46MB

Both of these are large files so you may find it better to save them to your desk top and then open them. Even with a DSL connection they may take 5 minutes to download 91 pages of the manual.

Left-Beauty is in gypsy mode with penthouse canvas generator trailer loaded with dehumidification unit and ducts.

Left Below- Quick clean up and replacement of the fan bearing and the generator is ready to go. Painted and bolted to the trailer Three outlet boxes have been added to the rear of the generator to pick off the individual phases each to operate a single 120 volt 60~ circuit.

Below the generator is powering the Weare Rally Site providing power to the dehumidification unit (air-conditioning) of my truck. Lights and power for the PA system. One of the members is repairing the PA system soldering in a replacement for a burned out resistor.


Left- The instrument panel with the generator running at load. Engine runs at a steady 18-20 oil pressure and in the first 25 hours of operation it burned less that a quart of oil. The 6 volt DC generator on the engine provided plenty of charging capacity. In this picture the voltage gage was is showing 118 volts (off by about 3 volts) the Load Current meter reads only two of the three 120V circuits because it reads only one of the three phases. Generator runs comfortably at 15-20 amps. Thermostat maintained the engine at stead 180 F. With the air temperature at high 80s the radiator handled the load with no problem.

The cycle meter showed that the unit was holding 60 cycles +/- half a cycle.

Yes those are the main fuses exposed a cover has been added.

One of the nicest features though is the operating noise level of the unit running at 1200 rpm it runs very quiet.


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