Note this page is a work in progress as I have many more photos about working on the HUPs 216 engine

post and add narative but I wanted to help answer some questions on routing of lines on the engine.


All of the following photos are of the original 216 cubic inch Chevy engine in my 1945 HUP. This engine has never been removed from the truck prior to the start of this overhaul. In the time I've owned the truck I never have pulled the oil pan or removed the head. This is important for those looking for information on the routing of the oil, fuel, vacuum, steam relief, and crankcase ventilation piping.

Photos with blue have a high resolution large photo behind so click on them to enlarge.

December 16, 2012 - More photos have been added to answere question for another HUP owner who needed detail to undo changes that had been made to his HUP. Added photos concern the master brake cylinder.