The Following are Parts Needed and CMP parts sources found ---Update July 11, 2015

At the bottom of this page you will find pictures of my excel spread sheet Master Parts Files for parts that I have found modern conversions. Sorry it is not in spread sheet file but I've been unable to post it that way.

March 2005 - Looking for a replacement axle shaft for the right side of the rear axle on the HUP the drawing below gives the basic information. Ideally looking for a source that can machine up axle shafts. So far the problem has been that custom builders of axle shafts for race applications can not provide a shaft with a large enough diameter flange plate. If you know of a source for an new or old shaft that fits these basic dimensions please contact me. Contact Me e-mail After a several month search a new axle was made by Mark Williams Enterprises Inc. they were very good to work with.

Mark Williams Enterprises Inc.
765 S Pierce Ave
Louisville CO 80027

1-800-525-1963 303-665-6901

Found this on a CCKW web site Vehicles of Victory 127 Marcus Rd, Delanson, NY 12053 (518)872-1002 while they did know the application was a CMP the price was good for a spare CMP Brake Booster "NOS hydrovac; VGC; Possibly very early GM; unknown application; Will refund price and take back if it doesn't fit. $75"

Well once they were identified as being CMP brake boosters I bought one and the other went to Canada to another CMP owner.




Below is the bench testing for Pattern 12 Brake Booster and as unit shown in CMP manual


Master Parts Files for parts that I have found modern conversions.

General Note on Brake Parts, Chevy CMPs on many occasions use FORD brake parts - Also concerning bearings and seals I have cross referenced many of the ordinal bearing numbers successfully it takes some searching to find interchange numbers, many suppliers will say there is no cross over because they do not want to spend the time looking. If you use any of my part numbers please be sure to check the actual dimensions of your part and the part number listed.

I have also found that bearing suppliers are much more interested in selling all the bearings and seals at one time than selling to you one at a time. This will also save you on shipping. Motion Industries has been my go to source for many years they did have a selling network world wide I do not know if this is still true. Canada and the US though are Definitely supported.