Pattern 12 Axle Disassembly

January 22, 2005 The frame of the truck is supported on blocks ready for the removal of the axles. With the Jib Hoist this was a relatively easy task as the full axle assemblies could be hoisted with chain fall and swung out to be worked on. Much easier on the back than manhandling the heavy components of for cleaning inspection , replacement of seals painting and reassembly. (Click on the images for enlargement)

Engine test stand does double duty as work stand for axle. Rolling the unit around to work on it is not difficult once the unit is lowered on to the stand and rolled out from under the frame. The green straps are surplus cargo straps help keep the unit from rolling off the stand.
The pitmen arm end of the unit is the only difficult part to disassemble the arm is held in position by 3 studs which have tapered cons under each nut which do not want to release. The forth fasenor is a tapered screw that came out easily. A surprise was that the axle shaft does not have a keyway cut into it and hence no locking ring as used on the later CMPs.
The front brakes appear to be in very good condition, lots of cobwebs but very little wear on the brake shoes. The drums were removed by slinging them from the Jibhoist which allowed the drum to come off horizontally which helps protect the bearings, shaft, and seals.
Wear of the drums is minimal Here the steering knuckle is slung for removal, as with the brake drum this allowed the unit to be slung and removed horizontally. The steering knuckle pulled and ready to begin cleaning and disassembly.
Surprisingly the steering knuckle was not packed with grease as the other two CMPs I've restored just gear oil. The front differential was in far better condition then the rear. There is no apparent wear in the constant velocity joint.
Here the center unit of the front axle stands completely disassembled Front of the frame ready to have the springs removed. No broken spring leaves are evident . Front Axle parts sheet. And the front differential slung out and removed.
The rear axle has been moved over the work stand ready to be rolled out from under the frame The brake drums are massive units which need to be pulled straight off. On the far right is the drum assembly slung from the Jibhoist.
With the drums removed it was back to combwebs.

These are actually Ford Brake Assemblies the shoes are even stamped Ford. Wheel Cylinders are Ford Part # 91T-2261 1-1/2" Casting 6 S232

But as with the front brakes the shoes have very little wear. There wasn't even any significant oil / grease leakage on the shoes. After cleaning they will be ready for reassembly.
The condition of the nuts on the lower adjustment bolts means that the nuts at least will need to be replaced All of the connections and bolts to the rear wheel brake cylinders came apart easily with an impact wrench.

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