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January 5,2002

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January 11, 2002 Mr. Denis Brown the owner of the truck called in response to the note I had left on the door. The truck was indeed for sale though the price was higher than I had in mind. But the price was less than what my wife though was acceptable so for half of she though OK I agree to buy the truck. Plans now set to haul the truck back January 21, 2002.

Once again on a cold and snowy day set off haul the truck the 78 miles home having learn my lesson with hauling Beauty home in a stake bed truck went back to using a roll back truck much quicker and safer given the ice and snow. It had taken a log skidder to bring the truck up the hill through the snow and up an icy driveway to a parking lot by the main road. Took all of 15 minutes to load the truck and be one the way.

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