The page below is why I ever even went to look at this truck which was the beginning of my odyssey into CMPs. Thank you Bart Vanderveen.

This is page 222 from Bart H. Vanderveen's 1972, The Observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory World War II, ISBN# 07232 1469 7 though no longer in print it can be found through used book dealers. In 1989 he brought out a revised/new book Historic Military Vehicles Wheels & Track, London, Battle of Britain Prints International, ISBN 0900913 57 6. Both books provide excellent coverage of CMPs obviously the newer book which is readily available from a number of sources will be the easiest to get. Mr. Vanderveen is also the Editor of Wheels and Tracks Magazine which has had a number of excellent articles about CMPs over the years. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vanderveen a number years ago at a CMP symposium.