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 CMPs played a significant part in the broadcast history of World War Two beginning with the CBC, BBC and Australian Army Radio Service.


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Pictures in this column are from War Report

Pictures below are from Broadcast from the Front.


Broadcast From The Front by Powley, A.E., published in 1975 by A.M. Hakkert Ltd. ISBN:0-88866-565-2, covers the use HUPs and other CMPs used by the CBC excellent narrative of the CBC personnel covering the war from the beginning to the end. Book includes a number of very interesting pictures. At different times the CBC used both HUPs HUW and 3 Tons were used.



The use of CMPs by the CBC, BBC and Australian Army Radio Service is of particular interest to me as my HUP was used by the BBC in New York City at the end of WWII as a press recording truck. Over the years I have spent considerable time tracking down information about mobile recording and broadcasting equipment. Finding information has been more a matter of good luck. See (Beast History) for how I tracked down the picture below of my HUP June of 1945 as a press truck for the British Broadcasting Corporation, New York





War Report D-Day to VE-Day Dispatches by the BBC's War Correspondents With the Allied Expeditionary Forces 6 June 1944 - 5 May, 1945

Edited by Hawkins, Desmond, published by British Broadcasting Corporation, ISBN: 0 563 204214

The BBC is well covered in a book first published just after the war and reprinted again a number of times through the years, again an excellent narrative of the covering of the war. Through the years this book has been printed in both hardcover and paperback the photos are not always of the best quality in some of the paperback versions and different photos are included in different additions. The first edition printed I believe in 1946 which I once was able to borrow from Dartmouth College Library had the highest quality pictures and the most.

Recently the CBC revised their web site to include recordings made by these units and men. Link to the sound recording as well as some interesting video clips. "Can it really be over?".


Some interesting photos have recently become available on the web through the Library and Archives Canada these photos are of particular interest is that these are higher resolution photos with good detail. Like the photo below showing the recording equipment on the hood of the Jeep.





 If you have any information about the this Broadcasting history I would like to hear from you. I am also looking for one of these portable disk recording units.

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  In the summer of 2001 finally made it to London and there at Bush House (right) I saw one of the BBC portable recording units used by the BBC.


Needless to say if anybody happens to have one of these sitting around gathering dust I would be very interested in it.

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