HUPs have two roof hatches a large sliding hatch and a round canvas hatch over the co-drivers seat.

On this page I will be pulling together the various photos and details about Hatches. Of my three trucks only the my HUP has a hatch, both BEAUTY my 1942 Pattern 13 C60S and CANADA my 1941 Pattern 12 C60L were built without hatches.


There are three types of front roof hatch to be found on CMPs, the first type is the ones that were added locally to CMPs in North Africa and elsewhere to trucks that had been built without them. The logic I have been told is that in open country you can not hear approaching aircraft so holes were cut in the roof so that the co-driver could watch for aircraft and also more easily see convoy signals.

The second type was a elaborate steel hatch which was hinged to swing to the side over toward the drivers side of the vehicle.

The third type as shown in the pictures below is is the canvas covered round hatch.


See also: Posting Page 1 which has a large number of additional photos showing details of the Sliding Hatch and Round Hatch