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This page was last updated 16 November 2012 to provide more information on the HUP Rear Hatch


Battery Box and Tray February 2, 2002 moved and expanded information on the battery box and tray including more drawings with dimensions. May take a bit to load.


One of the CMP owners in Maine has been looking for photos of Ford F60S and other data so these next photos are for him. Starting with an example of one of the Ex-Swiss F60S click text to see that were imported through I believe SE Equipment in the 60s I understand that all of these were the Ford derrick with A frame lift on the rear and a center mounted winch. The data plates on the Ex-Swiss CMPs are interesting as they are in German click photo to see. A good source of information off course is Bill Gregg's books.

Several questions have been asked about the side windows on CMPs so here are a number of pictures click text to see 1 Full window side on 2 inside of window canvas close up 3 window close-up 4 window canvas hinge side on

Duncan MacIntosh - Is working on a model of HUP or HUW as used by the CBC as a mobile recording unit. The following are pictures of the interior of my HUP

1. Interior roof rear This is looking toward the left rear corner of the HUP and shows the detail of the hatch hardware. The mounted field desks are not original though they are WWII vintage. I added them for needed storage space.

2. HUP Interior light This is looking forward toward the front observers hatch. Note the padding on the ring. The earlier version was a square metal hatch with less padding. I believe that all of the CBC HUPs had the square hatch.

3. HUP inside left rear The detail of the equipment bin can be seen there were originally one over each rear wheel. Mine however was missing one when I got it.

4. Inside right rear with hatch The map case can be seen in both of these pictures on the rear door. Note the rolled up canvas above the door this along with side curtains could be used to blackout the vehicle.

5. HUP right rear wide shot inside

6. HUP Radio The radio is not correct but people get a kick out of hearing the BBC short wave broadcasts

7. HUP Inside left front Look forward toward the divider between the drivers compartment and the cabin. You can just see the snaps for a canvas divider that would have separated the two areas again most likely to black out the truck so that work could be carried out in the back while it was moving at night or parked. In the HUW this panel was extended to the roof with a solid partition I believe of steel.

8. HUP both seats front part

9. HUP inside driver side My HUP being a later truck had the mount for the spare tire on the drivers side instead of another door. I believe that all of the CBC trucks had both side doors.

10. Hatch screw hold down

11. Left rear corner of the hatch and stop block

12. Hatch hardware LARGE Note the spring attached to a short arm through the pin of the outside lever arm this helps lift the hatch clear of the roof to slide forward.

13. Hatch latch lever down

14. Hatch roller arm dimension

15. Hatch roller arm

16. Hatches top block

17. Hatch roller ball 1

18. Hatch roller ball 2 Thought is hard to see in this picture the ball has a number of flat spots showing that at different times it has not turned on the pin from the lever arm.

You will also see in all of the pictures the result of years of hard use on the roof with many dents. But being original I hate to replace the roof as this would be the only practical way of taking care of all the dents and bowing.

For more information on the HUP roof hatches and round




The following is a response to a question asked on CMP@yahoogroups.com back in September 2005

Subject: [CMP] In need of some information C8A please

G'day all,

I am finally back working on my C8A Heavy Utility Wireless and I am in need of some details regarding the large rear sliding hatch.

As I did not have one to start with (or copy), I had to fabricate this hatch from measurements and details kindly provided to me by a few members of this group and I was able to get the main hardware across from Canada with the help of some others. Thanks to all who assisted.

However, I need some more measurement details, please.

1. I need to know the free length of the 4 coil springs that assist in lifting the hatch off it's seal. Also the outside diameter of the springs and the gauge of the spring wire used. Free length of spring is 71/8" loaded length is 87/8" coils are .885" diameter wire size .145" the springs are probably around 40 pound pull. They look very much like brake shoe return springs. Included are pictures of the little lifting arm as well as how I reinstalled the spring, used brake spring tool to unhook but could not catch the chain loop over the spring end to reinstall.

2. I also need detail to fabricate the fittings used to secure the hatch in the open position - that is the two brackets spotwelded to the hatch to receive the threaded rod and knurled nuts (look similar to windscreen securing nuts) as well as the details of the threaded rod and attaching bracket. I think there may be some clips also to support the threaded rod when hatch is closed. On my HUP the this is what the hold open looks like.

3. Position of the footloops to support the canvas grab handles. Centered fore and aft 7.75" between loops and 1.75" in from the outside

If someone could assist me, I will send a diagram to them indicating the measurements I require.

I know the position of the spotwelded brackets is different between the HUW and other HUP's because of the aerial mounts/protectors. If someone who has ready access to a HUW hatch could help, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


Dave Prince

Queensland, Australia.

The following is additional information for another restoration in 2012

Could you check a few items for me? I need photos of the arms on your hatch so that I can replicate the angle of the bushings when I weld them in next week. A shot from the interior showing the holes in the bushings and how they align with the pivot arms would be appreciated. As well, a photo of the thumb screws that the springs attach to would also be great. Now that I think of it, I will be visiting your web site to see if they already exist. If not, could you fix me up with the photos?

Pictures above are with the hatch dogged down hatch top is level "0" degree arm is down angled 34 degrees. On the inside this pictured below with the hatch dogged down


Pictures below are with the HATCH UP OR SLIDING POSITION, hatch top is level "0" degree arm is down angled 46 degrees. On the inside this pictured below with the hatch UP.

As you see the inside lever arm which the spring is attached too moves only a very short way.

If you are wondering about the sloppy paint job, this hatch is being replaced with a newly fabricated one because it has been bent by people standing on it.


Pattern 13 Front Hatch/Hip Ring Details

Wooden spacer looks to be heat bent oak it is 1-1/16th" in width. At the (looking at picture) 12 & 6 o:clock position it is 1-1/8th" thick, at 3 o:clock it is 2-1/2" thick and at 9 o:clock it is 1/2"thick

Bob Carriere - Tie rod question different thread on left and right sides


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