Photo Details of Driver and Passenger Seat Pattern 13 these happen to be from my HUP but are the same as used in many Pattern 13s.

Seat 8 hindge side view

Seat 5 hindge rear

Seat 4 hindge folded

Seat 3 hindge from front

Seat 2 3/4 view full


The pipe leading from the oil distributor to the rocker arm shaft passes directly through the water jacket at the center of the cylinder block. This construction serves to stabilize the oil temperature.

If the oil distributor to valve rocker oil pipe is removed for any reason, it must be discarded and a new nipple and pipe assembly, Part No. 838914, installed according to the following instructions:Coat the threads of the nipple with white lead, thread the pipe through the block and screw the nipple securely into the block. Install nipple and sleeve nut at the lower end of pipe, on left side of block, coating threads of nipple with white lead and tighten securely. Make bend in lower end of pipe as shown in Fig. 47 and connect to oil distributor. Bend pipe on right side of block so as to clear the push rod cover as shown at "C." Bend the upper portion of pipe as shown at "B." This bend is to allow for expansion and contraction of the pipe as well as to allow for clearance. Connect the pipe to the valve rocker shaft coupling. Fill the cooling system with water, start the engine and check all connections for both oil and water leaks.

Fig. 47--- Oil Distributor to Valve Rocker Pipe Assembly
One problem with this design is that the oil line passes up through the head to the rocker assembly. This make it difficult to lift the head on and off. The fix is simple, added a connection just below the head

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