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After 66 years The BEAST is being completely disassembled and overhaul New January 30th - updated April 1st

January and February 2012- Page 10 Been a slow period with weather to cold to paint and progress really at the point of needing to finish painting the chassis and body so that other parts can be assembled. Engine testing continues.

Update 3/10/12

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March 2012 - Page 11 Lots of minor work with little visible progress until the body and chassis are reunited. Then painting progress starts again. Updated 3/28/12

April Work - Page 3 was centered around the Transmission, Spring Shackles, Cleaning and Painting of the bottom of the body, Engine Testing then disassembly. Updated 12/11/11 April 2012 - Page 12 The month of April saw work on the following:
  1. Steering box
  2. Fixing oil and coolant leaks on the engine
  3. Priming and paint various parts
  4. Priming and painting the body


May Work - Page 4 included finding a replacement cylinder head, finding and installing spring shackle bushings and pins. Cleaning and painting the frame, Updated 12/11/11

May 2012 Page 13 Page is still in progress but has details of oil flow question. Updated 5/31/12


June Work - Page 5 painting and body work begins and trying to match the original color of the HUP, brake work, reassembly of the axle assembly. Updated 12/11/11 June 2012
July Work - Page 6 handling painting and body how do you pick up and turn a HUP body on its side by yourself. Machining the hardened steel spring shackles. Pictures of the wooden blocks used as frame inserts at the attachment locations. Brake line installation. Updated 12/11/11

July 2012 - HUP and two other CMPS off to the Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collectors Club 25th Anniversary Summer Rally - Come and join us.

August & September Work - Page 7 engine comes back from the machine shop almost ready for reassembly before the problems start. Body lowered on to the body for fitting and further body work, which included replacing some rusted damaged areas. Updated 12/10/11


HUP Overhaul Engine Detail - Work in progress just photos no text yet, posted 27 September 2012

October & November Work - Page 8 body work continues, repairing the fatigue cracks in the front door where the hinges attach, a common CMP problem, installation of chassis parts like shocks. Problems with assembly of the engine but in the end everything is fitted in place. Updated 12/10/11

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High Resolution Detail Photos HUP Body Contains 150 photos of the body during the restoration were posted to give another HUP restorer detailed information not shown in smaller photos.

New Feb 2013

December Work - Page 9 engine assembly completed and run in started on the test stand. Hidden design surprises in the CMP adaptation of the Stovebolt 6. Work on the chassis nearing completion with only a little painting and the installation of the wiring harness to be done. Body is ready to be primed and painted. Updated 12/10/11