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30 October 2016 - Starting Update of Site

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Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collectors Club

Weare Summer Rally and Club Information

Go To MVMVC.ORG Website

Weare Rally 2016

My Three CMPs

Beauty 1942 C60S -------- - Canada 1941C60L -----------Beast HUP

Information on BEAST a 1945 HUP (Heavy Utility Personnel) which was a BBC mobile recording unit in New York City at the end of WWII

Information on BEAUTY a 1942 Pattern 13 C60S 3 Ton Truck with a Radio Box

Information on CANADA a 1945 Pattern 12 C60L 3 Ton Cargo Truck Everybody needs a Third CMP or in search of a Pattern 12

Information on reporting of WWII by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company), CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) and ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company)

  • Photos of CMPs being used by the CBC and BBC during WWII CBC and BBC page 1 photos and links to audio recordings
  • CBC BBC and ABC in WWII page 2 Period articles about CBC coverage of the war including 15 pages from Canada At War and 5 pages from a GM of Canada publication

Photos of CMPs that I have seen CMPs I've Seen and Beltring 2001

CMP Friends pictures through the years Some of the Reasons I Enjoyed This Hobby

Photos from the 1984 CMP Seminar Hosted by Bill Gregg, this page is dedicated to Bill Gregg and Peter Ford whose dedication to the history of CMPs and efforts to have this historical conference take place. There are some 275+ pictures most linked to high resolution images for greater detail CMP 84

CMP Information Share - Mix of CMP photos that I have collected over the years with links to Higher Resolution versions when available

Canadian Renault Tanks Photos of the WWI Renault Tanks ship as scrap to (to get around the Neutrality Laws) Canada at the beginning of WWII though obsolete they helped get tank train started.

Photos of Canadian Forces Exercises in British Columbia during WWII

Photos of CMPs in Service in British Columbia

Photos in North Africa WWII

Unknown WWII Pictures

Responses to Questions from people who have requested information or pictures.

Manuals and drawings detailing CMPs Part Drawings (To print set paper to Landscape and Color)


CMP Videos This includes the following videos

Having fun with CMPs includes videos

CMPs in the SNOW Playing in the Snow

Engine Information Stovebolt Six from 216 cubic inch to 261 cubic inch includes engine testing and related issues

Engine Testing and Set Up Engine Test Stand Design Detail235 & 261 Modifications

Engine Testing and Set Up With Video and audio tract

Throttle Linkage - Approach to clearance issues on later 216 and on 235 and 261 engines.

Parts Needed and Parts Found

Generator Trailer Up date 08/06 the M5 manual is back on line

MVMVC Article on using military generators as practical electrical pack-power using MEP Gensets (Mobile Electrical Power)

Trip to England 2001

CMP Videos This includes the following videos


Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collectors Club Events

D-Day Remembrance June 2005- LST 325


Pictures of Club Events

New web site all new Fall 2014

Restoration Tools and Tricks

This page covers some of the tools I have found useful restoring the CMPs some of them are particular to CMPs some are general shop tools. Many of these tools are related to working alone on what might normally be a two person project.

Link to the Best Web Forum on CMPs with people from all over the world in a active exchange of information centering on CMPs but also including discussions of Canadian and other Commonwealth Nations military vehicles and history.

Other CMP Web Sites which provide interesting and valuable information on CMPs

Link To List of Other Sites

Non CMP or Military Vehicle Related

Rip Van Winkle Lincoln - First car I bought 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Town Sedan wakes from 40 year nap History of the Vehicle and Beginnings of the Restoration

Rip Van Winkle Lincoln page 2 Body Work Begins

Rip Van Winkle Lincoln page 3 Body Work Continues Rocker Panel Structure

Rip Van Winkle Lincoln Page 4 Body Work Continues On Rear Wheel Arch

Sections of the 49-50-51 Shop Manual



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Search this web site for specific information using terms like engine, HUP what ever you are looking for information on.